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Sound of KoKo
Primary Class Music: Covers & Tribute
Secondary Skills
Music: Covers & Tribute Music: Duo Music: Jazz & Blues Music: Original  
Description City:      Sydney
Travel:  All States

Sound of KoKo is a five piece cover band sometimes working as a 6 piece band introducing some unique and vibrant originals. Their deep sound and distinct style is an ear of stimulating works. Step inside the grooves and layers of blues; reach heights of soul dancing on funk, floating between jazzy grooves with a touch of Hip Hop… You are submerging in the Sound of KoKo.

‘Sound of KoKo’ infuses Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk and Hip Hop using their unique and vibrant musical arrangements with a twist of new. A Five-piece outfit seems like the perfect fit for a band, all members bringing something different to the table. KoKo is like a musical degustation, pleasing the palate riding waves of sound.

Leading vocalist is the soulful and sultry songbird Kachina. Kachina previously from Taurine - Ministry Of Sound, aka Lady K - Warner Music, currently with Fat Groove, she works her magic with a selective choice of familiar covers and mixes it up with some of her original works. Kachinas’ performances are un-predictable, free and extraordinarily uplifting. Her distinct sound is deep, evocative and lushly textured.

Driving KoKo’s rhythmical journey is lead Guitarist and funk Maestro Guy Munro. Munro’s interpretations are blessed with limitless musical imagination, dropping his very own artistic arrangements to drive under and over the grooves and layers. Munro will leave you hungry for more with his innovative solos and fresh sounds.

Mel Wishart on Saxophone takes you on a smooth journey lifting KoKo through great heights and blowing minds with genius outbursts and clever placement of Sax tones. Enjoy a subtle journey or be consumed by her stupendously satisfying Solos. Fusing the sound is Bass Guitarist Doug FRESH whipping up a cool wind of rhythms adding depth and warmth beneath the sounds. FRESH’s strong Blues influence captures the listeners with his incredible guitar dexterity and his impeccable connection between rhythm and melody.

Last, but not least, is Yanni on drums and Matt Bourne on Percussion. These two amazing musicians have a vibrant working collaboration. Yanni's diversity and experience in tribal sounds and percussive rhythms is very impressive, breaking wild with sophisticated drumming rhythms that support KoKo’s musical journey. Yanni holds a solid groove and has a warm vibrant flava which gives life to the beats. Matt Bourne compliments Yanni playing Percussion. Matt is a very wordly musician and has incredible rythmn. Matts impressive technique works within and around the drums. Together they drive a steady beat which holds the band through their musical journey; fusing Drums and Percussion brings the tribal sound together and creates movement within the music. Yanni and Matt are masters at work.

Through the Sound of KoKo, music dances in the night sky like the stars on high. It is where music meets the soul on a journey through sound. Let yourself be immersed in the layers, grooves and vocal bliss. KoKo’s sound has set the mark for a standard of higher listening. Be sure to dive in!
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