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Kachina aka Lady K
Primary Class Music: Solo
Secondary Skills
Music: Solo Music: Big Band Emcee Music: Electro & Dance Music: Original
Music: Covers & Tribute Music: Jazz & Blues    
Description City:      Sydney
Travel:  All States

KACHINA, is a soulful vibrant songbird who is dynamic and versatile. From Hip Hop to Soul to Dance, she holds a deep, evocative and lushly textured voice that sometimes breaks into a smooth poetic rap and wins the popularity of a wide range of audiences. The talented songwriter co-wrote and performed with the Aviators and Taurine having featured on Ministry of Sound and charted successfully on the World DMC UK charts. Kachina supported International acts; Lost Boyz, 112, Allure, Pharcyde, KLF. SNAP, C & C Music Factory, Wanda Dee and DJ Jay J with singer Latrice Barmett & Miguel Migs.

Kachina draws from all elements to produce a pop act like no other with her rich soulful voice, unique and distinctive, layered on top of the sound of dance, hip hop, neo retro and pop, her song writing ability further emphasizes her place as one of Australia’s best new talents in the International market. Produced by fresh imprint FAT GROOVE that was established by veterans in the music industry - Gabriel Rizza, Geoff Sturre, Diego Bian and, Diane Fernando. This collective has enormous experience in all aspects of the Music Industry including Production, Mixing, DJing, Songwriting, Mastering, A&R and Licensing. KACHINA is the first artist to represent label FAT GROOVE, the progressive label that encompasses many facets of the music, media and advertising industries. She explodes onto the scene with her first release "FLY WITH ME".

 The upbeat, feel-good song focuses on all walks of life- different situations whether good or bad. “There’s a strong message about greed, suffering, hurt and the use of material possessions versus natural riches. ‘Fly With Me’ suggests to look at things through a different light - to combine universal love for each other and bring about a change for acceptance in a positive world.” Kachina’s single ‘Fly With Me’ out Feb 2013.
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