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The Process Drama workshops are based on the work of Cecily O’Neil and Brad Haseman.

The workshop invites students to engage in the experience of the Process Drama and unpack the dramatic conventions used and the effect they have on the process Drama.

“Cyber Claire” Process Drama
The Process Drama of “Cyber Claire” is based on Cyber Bullying within Schools. The pretext is formulated around incidents that occurred within Australia in 2009. Students are briefed prior to the commencement of the process Drama and the facilitator of the workshop provides an additional interactive Safety Net throughout the Drama.

The conventions used include elements of:
• Pretext
• Freeze Frames
• Moments of Change
• Narration
• Games and Competition
• Watching
• Inquiry
• Roles
• Apparitions
• Dreams
• Madness
• Rituals
• Music
• Dance
• Song
• Public and Private Dimensions

Duration: 2hrs – 4hrs
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